Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Sammi,

Today as you were sleeping and resting, I internally watched you. I understand you're not feeling well and that you've had a rough 2009 - particularly the last few weeks, but there are a few things I should remind you of:

First of all, the Lord loves you. You've never doubted that, but it's never a better time to remind you. Remember D&C 84:88.

Second, you have GOT to stop comparing yourself to others. More than likely somebody compares your life to their own. Besides, if we compared apples to apples, you'd probably get some terrible trials you wouldn't want. Leave it be.

Third, you're beautiful. Stop telling yourself otherwise. Yeah you're not who you were in high school, but really, who is? I personally think you've become more beautiful because you've learned so much that the only place to put everything you've learned is in your tummy, bum, face, etc. It's not worth what you've learned and become just to become something else physically.

Fourth, with that said, I'm not disregarding health. You can be healthy. You should try to be healthier - just a thought.

Fifth, remember your personal mottos: Live, Laugh, Love; Laugh Often; and "Life is to be Enjoyed - not endured." Right now, you're only enduring it. Gotta admit, Sam, through 2009's trials, you've had some awesome things happen and some interesting memories, right? Keep living your dreams. Just because you want some dreams now, doesn't mean they'll come now. Sometimes you have to have a different dream come true for the other dreams to follow.

Sixth, count your blessings. Over and over and over. I know you'll never forget what you saw and experienced in both China and Guatemala, so before you feel harsh about life, put your mind there for a minute. That'll humble you. You've got a great life, and you're taking it for granted.

And last but definitely not least, love yourself. For heaven's sake, it shouldn't be too hard. I love you. The Lord loves you. Your family and friends love you. Continue serving, loving others, setting and accomplishing goals and dreams. Make every day, week, month and year count so when you reflect back, you can say, "Dang that was fun." Once you get there, then the rest will come. You know the only way to experience joy is to experience hardship. Put it this way, with the things of 2009, you've got some joy coming!

Remember who you are..



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tie Mega Tampon

With all of the hustle and bustle of this past week (including an armed robbery and passing of kidney stones), there has been one slight highlight: I have joined a Sorority.

Yes it's true. I never thought in a million years that I, of all people, would join a sorority. But alas, I have - The Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter Rho. I figured my life hasn't gone in any direction I ever thought it would, why not make it fun so my friend KayCee and I decided to do it. Fortunately, this is an LDS Sorority so it's not as creepy or wild. We've still been in the Pledge and "Rushing" stage, but so far we've really enjoyed it! It has definitely pulled us WAY out of our comfort zone and we're still not quite there, but we've met some great, new girl friends, some fabulous Frat boys and had some fun. I'm excited to see how this will pan out!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Today's test is tomorrow's testimony"

Today as I sit at work and ponder upon the last few days' events, I can't help but post this post. This past Tuesday (September 2, 2009) brought a day of emotions and fear to me due to a terrifying experience I cannot or willnot openly discuss (you can read it on, however in times like this, many blessings come to pass and I have so much gratitude I need to express:

  • I can't imagine experiencing what I did with anybody else but my terrific friends and co-workers.

  • I'm glad the entire security video is not posted for the public

  • I'm so grateful I work for the institution that I do where we share religious beliefs

  • I'm grateful each one of us were in the right places at the right time

  • I'm grateful for our safety

  • I'm grateful it wasn't worse

  • Most of all I'm grateful and humbled at the members we have.

I wonder about the people who wake up in the morning and think to themselves, "Wow, my credit union was robbed yesterday. I should take them a treat." or "I know my teller loves Diet Coke, so I'll bring her one and a fresh lime because she sure needs one." or "It's three days since the robbery, but these two tellers are working so I'll swing back around and give them Sausage McMuffins for breakfast through the drive-through." It just amazes me that they take the time out of their hectic schedules and care for people they hardly know when their own families may be going through more than their tellers are. The robbery opened my eyes to the love of God and the wonderful people who have the desire, not just need, but desire to help others. I will strive to be more like them in every way, and I thank my Heavenly Father to be blessed and influenced by such wonderful people.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wake me up when September ends..

Yes, this month will be a crazy one. As you may notice, I have accepted a new job promotion that will require me to relocate to a new Branch. I am honestly petrified.
I've been at my Murray for so long that'll it'll be hard to leave, BUT this leaves good
opportunities for me, so I've gotta advance forward, right?
No worries on the teeth thing, it's not like I'm missing any or anything crazy like that. I'm just one of those who's willing to let them sedate me and have at it at my teeth. Kill 80 birds with one stone. That has got to be finished. ASAP.
I need a home. Well, I have one, but I need a new one. With my new job, the commute will be a bust so I'm looking for a place to live down south. Any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated!
With all that said, I am B.R.O.K.E. for a while! Pray it all works out!
Peace and love to all~