Monday, June 29, 2009

The Adventure of Jessye

This past weekend I just returned back from Girl's Camp. I have been going to girl's camp for about 10 years. Minus one year after I graduated and I was living in China during the time. After I returned I got called in as an assistant camp director and I've been at it for three years now! Well this year was a little different. With the two other directors being pregnant and not able to go, I was it. Poor girls. I had to take care of them, make sure everyone certified, was safe, ate, didn't throw up (that seems to be a Barton Creek tradition each year), and had fun. We did pretty good this year as not ONE girl got sick (miracle!), the girls kept busy, I paid all the fees, girls were safe, etc. We enjoyed high-adventure activities like rock-climbing, 200 ft rapelling, COPE (some zip-line and high tasks to accomplish), canoeing, and hiking, but the best part of camp for me? The adventure of Jessye.

Jessye is the coolest girl. Hands down. This girl is like my little sister. I babysat her and her two younger sisters for 7 years and have watched her grow up. She was always adventurous and mischevious. Always getting into trouble and loving it. Well she got hers on June 25, 2009. The day started early and we made it to our campsite safely. After all of my girls had unpacked, we headed to the bowery for our first activity. I was walking down the hill and heard girlish screaming. I thought to myself, "Great. Three days of this." I turn the corner to find the screaming is coming from MY girls! I see Jessye in the dirt with tears streaming down her face in hysterics. She was also laughing uncontrollably. I was confused to her emotions and saw the three other girls only laughing. I asked what had happened and Becca took me to the bathroom where they had come from. I was very hesitant and cautious as Becca led me into a stall to peek over the wall to the other stall. When I stood on the toilet and looked over, I lost all control to laughter. The story is, Jessye used the restroom and when she got up to button her pants, she heard hissing and saw a full-grown bat hanging from the rim between her knees. She obviously screamed and tried to leave the stall, but then got stuck in the stall since the door wouldn't open. The bat continued hissing until she was able to fling the door open. Suprisingly, when I went to look at the toilet a few minutes after the incident, the bat was still in the toilet! We found a staff member and he fished the bat out of the toilet and it eventually died, but poor Jessye's heart took hours to completely calm down. It was a moment like this that made all of the camp work and preparations completely worth my calling. It could not have happened to a more perfect girl than Jessye. I am so glad I was there at the moment she stumbled out the bathroom into the dirt, because this was an expression and sight I didn't want to miss!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I have been meaning to post for so long now but I never get around to doing it! Life is insane, especially the last month, but good! I've enjoyed taking advantage of summer coming now and I've already been four-wheeling, traveling, sun-bathing, etc!

May was my big month I'd been waiting for. The time finally arrived for my Guatemala trip I'd been long waiting for! I am putting together a scrapbook for more details and pictures, but here's a rundown of the week long trip in a nutshell:

  • Survived the most dizzy-ing, sickening and frightening flight and landing in my life, due to Guatemala's mountains and cliffs at the end of the runway..
  • Experienced my first earthquake
  • Killed the biggest spider I've seen in my life - all for a free diet coke :)
  • Zip-lined on the most exhilarating and scary 8 lines over the jungles and volcanoes of Guatemala.
  • Hiked my way around Solola's beautiful volcanoes, jungles and wild-life.
  • Survived my first parasite
  • Survived Guatemala's biggest political quarrel and murder conflict in a while
  • Saw my first firefly
  • Ate some of the freshest, yummiest foods
  • Enjoyed scenic boat rides along the Waters of Mormon (Lake Atitlan)
  • Bought two original, exquisite paintings
  • Listened to a full story in Spanish from a parrott
  • Had the best churro
  • Saw the prettiest places on earth (even over any places in China or Hawaii I've seen)
  • Met and loved a new grandfather figure
  • Made friends
  • Met a celebrity drummer (oh yeah Lidia!)
  • Was able to hang out with Lidia again!
  • Watched KayCee survive a third world country - and without real diet coke

Anyways, there were tons of memories and laughs and definitely an adventure. I came back to hussle and bustle of life and work and illnesses. We've had quite the illnesses spreading around the branch and required quite a bit of extra work and effort. I'm still in the market for my home and my realtor is fantastic at finding me some good places to consider - I'll keep you posted on if anything comes up. I'm still planning on school and I'm really excited to FINALLY getting started! Life is good, life is hectic, life is ready for adventure! Until next time, with a more detailed blog..