Friday, February 26, 2010

I'll Miss..

Tonight I'm packing. Well, sorta. Attempting would be the better word. But I can't help but keep thinking I will really only have a few more nights in my home. I can't believe I'm actually moving out. It's all surreal. When I moved to China for a semester, it didn't really affect me much since I knew I'd be coming back when I was done there. Now that this is more permanent, it's hard to express the feeling. I realize I'm a late bloomer for leaving home and that kids these days do it at 18 for college. But living at home has given me a relationship with my parents and siblings that many may not have. I went through those especially hard times figuring out myself with my parents and brothers and sister(s) by my side rather than solely relying on roommates.

I'll miss my parents. I can't even explain how much I will miss the friendship and the support I have from them. I will miss having them have my back 24/7. I'll miss laughing with them late at night or Sunday afternoons. I'll miss my mom's cooking. My dad's popcorn. I'll miss my mom's alzheimer moments in Church. I'll miss talking to her everyday and her hugs. I'll miss my late night runs with my dad. I'll miss them whipping me into gear to be a better person. I have truly been blessed with the most amazing people as parents. I love them more than anyone could understand and because of them, I have a testimony of eternal families.

I'll miss living so close to Eva and Kara. I'll miss coming home from work when Nana and Papa are babysitting and I hear a little voice scream, "Ah Sammi!" I'll miss their tight squeezes when I need them and the kisses on the cheek. I'll miss the easy opportunity to hang out with Chad and Kendra when we want to see a movie or chill at home.

I'll miss my sweet McKay. A few unfortunate circumstances led me to have the most fortunate opportunity to have that little boy in my life daily where he became closer to us than "nephew." I'll miss him wanting me to cuddle him before I tucked him in. I'll miss him eating with us and laughing. I'll miss watching him study a word search and tell me, "Three F's!" or hearing him learn with the educational cartoons, "B-B-B-Boy." I'll miss Mandy. I'll miss Doug.

I'll miss the "me-time" I get daily with the long commute. Believe it or not, I'll miss the construction! I'll miss not watching it change daily. I'll miss Bountiful and the fond memories I have there. I'll miss Nielsen's not being so close! I'll miss my home ward almost as much as I'll miss my parents!

I look forward to growing and becoming more independent. I look forward to finally learning how to cook other than soup and macaroni and cheese. I look forward to a quick commute! I look forward to "my own place" and having great friends there. I look forward to a new ward and new friends. I look forward to Sandy and making fabulous memories there!

There. I feel better. Now to packing........

Friday, February 19, 2010

I wanna grow old with you

I love this movie and I stumbled upon it this weekend. Someday I hope the man of my dreams will think this is fitting for me:

I Wanna Grow Old With You

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sammi: 101

  1. I wish with all my heart I had long, thick hair down to my bottom
  2. If I could get away without any makeup, I'd never wear it
  3. I've never had a visible six-pack, oh but some day I will!
  4. I am an adrenaline junkie!!! But rollercoasters scare me..
  5. Cello music is one of the most beautiful sounds
  6. I love classical piano pieces, it's therapeutic
  7. A man who isn't afraid to get a little emotional in a testimony is the most attractive thing ever.
  8. I secretly hope "plump" is the perfect body in the next life
  9. Popcorn is my most favorite food in the world.
  10. I would like to someday complete (not just run, but complete) a marathon
  11. I think my dream job would be a private investigator
  12. I am the ultimate people watcher
  13. I HATE HATE HATE tension
  14. ...but I can duke it out if I needto...
  15. I'm classified as a "co-dependent" but I love to feel and act independent
  16. Cuddling is the BEST feeling in the world
  17. I am super annoyed with stupid license plates (i.e. PRINCSS, AGENWEL...) {no offense if anybody has these license plates, please}
  18. Working at a financial institution can be the most fascinating, difficult job at times
  19. I want the hobbies of oil painting, glass blowing, and pottery
  20. My dream home would be a 21st century "Swiss Family Robinson" treehouse
  21. I want to re-learn Chinese and learn Spanish, French, and German
  22. If I could afford as much schooling as I'd like, I'd get multiple degrees: Law, costmetology, Business/Finance, psychiatry
  23. I would love to be in a popular movie or sitcom once. Just for a little while
  24. I wish I was brave enough for singing lessons
  25. Biggest Loser and Bachelor/Bachelorette are guilty pleasures...
  26. I LOVE to travel. Biggest passion.
  27. My dream vacation would be a full-on European tour
  28. My dream adventure vacation would be an African Safari (so expensive!!!)
  29. I love my nieces and nephews SO much it's hard to imagine a deeper love
  30. I could spend hours watching gymnastics, ice skating, diving competitions, and dancing.
  31. Country music is the best
  32. I am 100% completely addicted to FRIENDS
  33. I am extremely shy when I'm intimidated
  34. I'm silent when I'm upset or hurt
  35. I don't like exercising, but I love the feeling of sore muscles.
  36. I love Spider solitaire and can play for hours
  37. I'm kinda afraid of cruises, but I'll try one someday
  38. Park City is my favorite city in the world
  39. I'm happiest when I'm laughing and my life is fulfilling
  40. I love looking at people's photography
  41. I enjoy hypnotherapy
  42. I don't like juice.
  43. I would love to someday adopt an orphan from China
  44. I love to read
  45. I REALLY want to drive a Monster Truck someday
  46. I want a Shar Pei dog someday (aka Wrinkle Dogs)
  47. Someday I'll go on a date with my dream boy!
  48. I love hidden meanings
  49. I always wear a ring from a country I've visited on my right hand
  50. On my left hand I wear a ring with my motto: "Laugh Often"
  51. Jellyfish absolutely terrify me
  52. My mom has all-knowing power when it comes to me
  53. I LOVE breakfast foods: cereal, hot cereal, crepes, waffles, pancakes, you name it
  54. I love museums and historical sites
  55. I'm convinced the most beautiful flower on earth is the one I witnessed bloom in Guatemala: Gentleman of the Night (haha)
  56. The way to love your family more than you can imagine is through a terrible trial then honest forgiveness
  57. I LOVE musicals and plays, especially Broadways (Wicked is my favorite!!)
  58. I am so ticklish on my left side of my neck up by my hairline, it's ridiculous to even get a haircut
  59. I sometimes shower with hotter water than hot-tubs
  60. Celebrity gossip magazines are another guilty pleasure
  61. Diet Coke. Enough said...
  62. If a public tour of Space becomes possible without extensive training, I'd be one of the firsts to sign up!
  63. I wish I could sing like Regina Spektor
  64. Sandra Bullock is my all-time favorite actress
  65. NieNie is my inspiration. I well up when I read her blog. Love her.
  66. I love to daydream
  67. I constantly compare myself to others
  68. I have a LOT of determination, but sometimes lack motivation
  69. I would love to work and live in NYC
  70. It would be a dream to be a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  71. I really like to paint. Just paint. A wall, ceiling, house, whatever.
  72. Michael Jackson, Josh Turner, Shania Twain are my favorite musical artists
  73. In the next few years, I want to become an avid skiier and snowboarder
  74. I have two left feet unfortunately
  75. No matter how hot it gets, I always have to have a blanket covering me to sleep
  76. I wish I had a southern accent
  77. I sucked my thumb until I was 8
  78. The girl I envied and looked up to the most in High School, is the girl I still look up to
  79. I will never fully get rid of the travel bug
  80. I feel the Spirit most through music
  81. I would love to learn how to play the organ, guitar, harp, and violin
  82. Whenever I go somewhere I always have to make sure I have my phone and work keys (I'm paranoid I'll lose them!)
  83. I'm a sticky note queen at work. It's a good thing I don't have them at home
  84. Hand-me-down treasures make me SO happy
  85. I love Chinese food, yet the 2 authentic Chinese foods I miss most is the yogurt (I froze mine) and the Unknown-meat-in-a-biscuit-and-spicy-bbq-like sandwich. Yum-my
  86. My "happy" place is anywhere with a hammock (Cancun or Posada de Santiago will do!)
  87. When I get past the point of "tired" I say things that don't make sense. It's embarrassing
  88. I am a member of the Lambda Delta Sigma sorority
  89. I love snakes and chameleons, but HATE spiders and bugs in general.
  90. I hate to see old people alone.
  91. I am fascinated with WWII, Titanic, and Chinese history (Geeky, I know)
  92. I'm a whiz at Google!
  93. I love snuggling in my sleeping back, in a tent, up in the mountains, during a bad thunderstorm. Everytime I go camping, this happens.
  94. I don't like pig meat. Occasionaly I'll have a few pieces of a pork chop, bacon or sausage, but rarely and absolutely NO ham.
  95. I love tropical fruit, but not so much with apples and bananas
  96. I'm addicted to KSL classifieds
  97. I've always been a true Team Jacob fan - long before the movies. Just sayin'
  98. Channing Tatum is my celebrity soul-mate
  99. I have had a Bucket List for years and it continually grows
  100. I have a shoe and purse fetish
  101. I hate the unknown

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

It's official! As of tonight at 7:10 pm, I now have a new place of residence. I signed the contract and I begin my next big adventure with two of my best friends in just a few short weeks! We will be moving down south closer to our work locations. I'm really excited and definitely nervous! But, our landlord is the brother of a terrific friend and the condo is beautiful. I will miss my parents, and particularly little McKay, but I am ready to begin this new life with a new ward, new friends, and new responsibilities!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pure Happiness

Thanks for the pics, Mom