Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good weekend!

This weekend was a weekend that finally felt like a good, deserved weekend! Saturday was filled with a lot of fun. I slept in a bit, cleaned my place and got ready for the day. KayCee decidedit was a day for Nielsen's so we headed up to Bountiful. We went seperate since she was bringing her sister and brother and law, and I wanted to visit with my family. We enjoyed a good hour of delicious custard and french fries and good conversation.

Seeing my parents was probably the highlight of the weekend. It was really good to see them and laugh and catch up. My mom is doing awesome in her business endeavors and took me to see her new office space! I'm really excited for her to launch her dream and see how it goes! We then went to see my brother and sister in law and my adorable nieces. They both had just gotten over terrible ear infections, but were so fun to play with and visit. I've said it once, but there is something about those girlies that just makes me so happy. I got my Eva dose!

I headed back down to Sandy to change clothes, then KayCee and I headed downtown to meet some friends for the Jazz game. The game was an instant win, so we spent most of our time laughing, joking and eating half-way frozen churros.

After the game the gang headed to Shelley's for some good ole Rock Band! We had about four more friends join that night and we had a room full of tear-forming and gut-wrenching laughing.

Today was church. We made it through sacrament meeting, but KayCee wasn't feeling well (and she was my ride), so we headed back home for rest. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging and napping.

All in all, I feel pretty rejuvenated for the next week! (And only like, two more weeks til Lidia moves in!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I have a problem..

Everytime I get into a rut, I plan a "what's next" step in my life. You know, your whole life you await those big monumental moments and checkpoints and then look forward to the next phase of life. Turning 12 to finally leave Primary and become a Young Woman. Turning 16 to date and drive. Turning 18 to rebel and graduate. Then the guaranteed checkpoints stop. What next? Life throws curve balls where you can choose your checkpoints. College. Missions. Marriage. Well, what happens if you don't have any of those for some reason or another? So, I picked another one. A right step. I moved out. Well, checkpoint accomplished. Now what?

I told KayCee my dilema today and she simply stated, "Um Sam. Enjoy it." It dawned on me then that I've never actually enjoyed my phase of life, but I worry about achieving the next. When that has happened in the past, and I can't get to my next phase soon enough, I create my own. Flee the country on some wild adventure. Pick up extreme sports to get that adrenaline rushing.

Last night I found myself seriously researching skydiving.

Don't get me wrong, skydiving is a sport I most definitely want to try. And to be honest, I more than likely will in the near future. But why can't I find college to be a "heart-pumping" phase, too? Why am I looking to postpone it (even if I've been unaware of this!)? I crave a college education! But I'm lacking the motivation to finally get started. Once I get pumped, I realize it'll take me three years to get a degree and I'm depressed. Do I really want to be working on my degree still at 26? Yes!

Somebody help me get my tush in gear! And remind me to enjoy my phase of life I'm in. Until then, I'm mentally preparing myself for a 12,500 ft. freefall going 120 mph!

PS Pictures of the place are coming soon, I promise!