Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update for the Year

Probably, right? I guess it's time for me to update the cyber world about my life these days.

Crazy. Changing. It's been good and bad all rolled together. Here's what's gone on for the past six months:

*Finished my first semester back in school (finally!) - and just about to start my second. It's about time I grew up ;)
*My sister-in-law, Mandy, passed away a couple of months ago and I gained such an amazing testimony for our Savior because of her. So blessed for that.
*I was built up, only to be torn down and rebuilt to be stronger
*Had probably the craziest month in my working life. Our manager had twins and we had one teller leave and I had to play boss for a while. So hard, and so glad we have help and it's calmed down!
*Took an adventurous Bahamas Cruise/Orlando vacation with Marne' and KayCee (post of its own coming later)
*Spent a fabulous weekend in St George with my nieces and nephews. I need to go down more often!
*My dad had a motorcycle crash that nearly ripped my heart apart (all is well now...I just don't handle it well..Daddy's girl)
*Made the decision to move back to Bountiful the weekend after our vacation and it took me totally by surprise. The three of us are moving on.
*Found out a little boy is joining our family in December. Can't wait for the little guy.
*I get to live with the sweetest kid in the world again.
*I've had my front tooth chip three times now (for the love Sammi, stop grinding your teeth at night!)
*Been surprised at myself a LOT this summer with a lot of things changing!

Anyways, lots more and of course, there are stories with each of the bullets. All in all, life is great. It's wonderful and I'm so blessed. I have a lot of things racing through my mind that I want to figure out, but I am so lucky. I've laughed a lot, played a lot, and I've learned a lot. There's not much more I can ask for!