Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: Great Year!

Wow! I cannot believe it's New Year's Eve! I am really excited to begin 2009 with a bang! I'm hoping 2009 can be just as good, if not better, than 2008! I've had a fortunate year filled with great things: trip to Hawaii, promotion at work, meeting a very special someone, adventurous and spontaneous trips to St George and Vegas, late nights with friends, Desert Star Theatre productions with my family every month, a new niece, finding out another new niece will be arriving, making new friends, accepting my stake calling - it has really taught me responsibility, Casey leaving on a mission after 19 years of dreaming, and many, many more. I'm excited to see what 2009 will bring and I've already started working on my New Year's resolutions! I hope everyone had a great year and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to post this early since the Holidays tend to get crazy! As they already have been! I'm grateful for this time of year where we can really reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. I've been bad about not focusing on Christ as much as I should or wanted to the last few years but I've regained a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for who He is and what He's done for all of us. I'm grateful I can freely bear testimony of Jesus Christ. I know He lives, I know He loves us and that He died for our sins. He understands and carries our burdens when they are heavy and I take advantage of this greatest gift all the time. I want anyone and everyone to know I love Him and will continually work hard to show Him I appreciate and love Him with all of my heart.

As a gift, I want to share these two links that have really touched my heart and spirit this Christmas time. The first is the website of the artist who created Reflections of Christ. My new favorite book.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Tribute to Lidia

One of the greatest girls known to me and on earth moved here to Utah last year and I was privileged to work with her for a year. During that year we became (I would consider) great friends. We worked close together and developed a great friendship. Last week, after a lot of consideration and prayerful decisions, she broke the news that she is moving back to Texas to be with her family. I will REALLY miss her as she has been a HUGE strength to me that only she can understand. I am forever grateful for her influence in my life and her outstanding friendship. As a tribute to you, Mango, I want to list my favorite memories I've had with you!!

1. Remember that night in Tooele out by Jason's in the summer? Oh yeah! Only you would join with me in such an adventure!!
2. Our nightly walks to improve our health that only lasted a month. I loved that we'd walk the track behind my house for three miles every night while listening to our Ipods and singing. Me my Kosy songs, and you, your Latino specialties!
3. Watching Will and Grace together!
4. Our FUN trip to St George and Vegas with Shelley and Summer and we were both so fascinated by the fancy toilets we took our pictures on them!
5. Going to the aquarium for your birthday only to try and convince KayCee to pet the sting rays!
6. Me falling down the stairs and you laughing for hours while I was attempting my Spanish.
7. Watching you try to stomach Hunan!
8. Being the first person, with Shelley, to witness your reaction of your first time seeing snow!
9. The day you told us the story about the accident you passed. You know, the "behicle that carries dead bodies?" and the flowers were strewn all over the freeway! LOL!
10. Our three movies in one night...same theater!
11. Us shopping at the Asian market!! Haha! And those nasty fluffy frozen things.
12. You stealing my Spencer away from me! Although, dang we both love that little guy!
13. You and me entertaining ourselves all night in the emergency room with Shelley. We played with the gloves, the bed, the chair and even the hospital gowns...
14. Making my grandma pee her diaper with your stories about you and your grandma. Haha!

Amiga, never a dull moment when you're around! Although I'm totally bummed you bailed as my roommate, and our Guatemala trip, I'm SO THANKFUL you were my friend! And that we'll be friends forever! I'm excited to visit you in Texas then catch the plane over to Guatemala! Remember amiga.... Alotra latho de rio aveo una garca greefa con sinco Home Depot. Saluthe. Diamo. Amor! Ciao!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Count your many blessings name them one by one..

I had a really bad day today, so I've always been told to count your blessings in those times when you feel it's not enough. Besides, what a great season to list your thankfuls:

* My family of course. I have been so blessed with the best family. Not much more I can say about them as a whole other than they are wonderful.
* My mom. Yeah this can technically count as 'family' but she's my hero and definitely knows me inside out and is a HUGE support.
* My Dad. He's my number one man and one of my number one fans. He is always thinking I can conquer the world and views me as someon special. I've been really lucky to have a father with such a humble nature.
* My friends. What in the world would I do with out you? Whether I see you everyday or those I went to high school with. You'll never know your impact on me.
* Maren Halverson. What an influence she has been on me growing up. Her testimony was beyond profound and I always felt I could sense exhaltaion with her around. She certainly blessed so many lives. Click HERE to read about Maren.
* Food. 'Nough said.
* Living where I am, who I am. I heard a lesson in RS once about the chances of someone being born a female, in the United States, in Utah, to parents still together, and in the covenant. Very slim is all I can remember. Dang I'm lucky.
* My job. I've been really lucky despite missing out on furthering a degree that I've really progressed in my job. I've come to really love it and it's opened many opportunities and learning experiences for me.
* My calling. It is so intense but has taught me to be more responsible and that procrastination doesn't work well in the Church!
* Alma 26. My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. Having been someone who has fought depression, this has been a sacred and hopefelt chapter for me to refer to.
*Speaking of Relief Society, I have the BEST Relief Society! It's my home ward and I will never part from it! These ladies are the ladies I look up to most!
* Financially independent. Sorta. Yeah so I live in my parents' basement apartment, but I can afford my own clothes, car, bills, etc. My parents taught me at a young age at the importance of financial obligations!
* Having a car. Living in China, I've learned this is a luxury.
* Music. Ah, music. Nothing makes me feel the spirit stronger than Church music, and they types of songs I listen to can express my mood.
* Laughter. I love to laugh. I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh at myself.

Last but not least

* JOY. Jesus Others and You. I learned once that the difference between happiness and joy is one is temporarily euphoric and rather worldly while the other is everything good AND happy all together; love, hope, Christ, family, friends, knowing who you are.