Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010, New Year, New Decade ~ Bring it!

I am happy to be closing my chapter in 2009 and the past decade. I'm excited for a new opportunity and a new decade to look forward to!

This evening I opened up a Time Capsule my sweet Young Women leaders made for us when I was a Beehive in 1999. They included pictures, some letters from our parents, our leaders, and our favorite things from back then. In there was this list:

What I hope to accomplish by 2010

1. Graduate from High School w/scholarship for BYU {hahaha..ahem}
2. Go on a mission (if not married)
3. Get all of my Y.W. Medallions
4. Get married
5. Have kids
6. Have reunion with my friends
7. Meet Brad Robbins and get a date with him {this was my Beehive leader's nephew, ha!}
8. Go to Senior Prom
9. Go to Germany, France, Hawaii & Florida
10. Meet someone famous
11. Asked out a lot!
12. Go to college (BYU or U of U)
13. Make a million more friends
14. Become rich
15. Get a nice, nice car - VW Beetle Red {oh how I want to kick 12 year old Sammi..}

There you have it. From the very hand of Sam back in 1999. Obviously most of these things have not been accomplished, but I have done a bit in the past ten years I'm rather proud of...

  • Graduated from high school
  • Graduated from Seminary
  • I did earn my Young Womanhood Recognition/Medallion
  • I served as class president in every YW class
  • I did make "millions" of more friends. Some of the best I may say!
  • Learned to work at an early age
  • Quit lessons after 8 years of piano ~ still love to play, but not often enough.
  • Bought a VW. Enough said.
  • Taught English in China
  • Participated in Extreme Homemakeover for some valuable neighbors
  • Served the entire American Idol cast from Season 2 (Clay Aiken, Rubben Studdard..)
  • Served as a girls camp assistant director for 3 years.
  • Served as the Stake Primary Secretary
  • Spoke in Stake Conference
  • Became an aunt for the first time
  • Robbed at gunpoint
  • Witnessed the first black man to become president
  • Experienced 9-11 with the world
  • Survived Swine Flu
  • Vacationed in Hawaii, Guatemala, Cancun, etc
  • Received my Patriarchal blessing
  • Went to President Hinckley's viewing
  • Met President Thomas S Monson
  • Had my first kiss
  • First dates
  • Bought two cars
  • Gained a brother in law and two sisters in law
  • Been in love
  • My sweet nieces and nephews; Emily, Rachel, Nick, Adam, Eva, Kara, McKay and one on the way; changed my life
  • 3 brothers faithfully serve missions
  • Fell in love with extreme sports..parasailing, zip-lining, skydiving (only indoor so far, outdoor is next!)

...Many many more. I am so happy and blessed for the life I have. Truly. The past decade has been good to me. I hope the next decade will bring my next goals! (Some still the same!)

  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Finish school (doesn't matter the school this time!)
  • Live within my means
  • Be happy

Happy New Year everyone ~

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Cancun was probably one of the biggest highlights of 2009. I totally and completely fell in love with Cancun. I loved the food, the people, the activities, you name it. I highly recommend going there at least once in your life!