Thursday, February 26, 2009

Economy's REAL effect on financial institutions...

In this economic turmoil, many are under the impression that financial institutions have been hit only with financial problems. The following is what we do to really serve our members to get through this current recession:

1. We now offer free psychiatric sessions.

Example: A member approached me yesterday requesting a debt consolidation loan. He didn't speak much English (that's not the point..) and his business was, unfortunately struggling. His loan couldn't go through and I told the member this. He then says to me, "I jump cliff now." Let's just say after a few encouraging words, he left a happier and more confident man. Best of luck to you, sir.

2. We are your BFFs.

Example: People seem so uptight these days (understandably), especially women, that it requires a lot of Twilight talk, complimenting their babies and offering free checkbook registers before you can successfully get anywhere and satisfy the member before they leave with our full trust.

3. We now function as a food joint.

Example: One day I happened to work the drive-up window not long ago and a kind lady pulls up in her large Dodge Sprinter and hands me her driver's license. She says, "Hi can you please tell me how much I have in my account?" I proceed to pull up the account and tell her the amount. She then replies the following, "Thank you that's all I need. Oh but do you mind giving out some candy? I have a few kids in the car." I tell her, "Sure!" (Because you can't go to ANY bank or CU and not get candy. I totally agree with this, I do...but...) She then looks in her rear-view mirror and I see her count to herself. She turns to me and says, "Ok..IneedsixSmarties,fourcaramels,eightcinnamonbears,andtwoDumDums." So fast that her children couldn't argue.

4. Free Anger-management Annonymous classes:

Example: Opened an account for a sweet 95 year old man. Two days later he called furious and yelling about a mix-up he had between a "credit card" and a "debit card." He continued to insult me personally and throw himself into a rampage about financial institutions these days and demanded to close his account. After he yelled until his oxygen buzzed in the phone, I calmly said to him, "Sir? I'll be glad to help you. Please tell me what I can help you with." He then calms and starts talking about a minor home issue he'd been facing. There it is. We found the source of anger.

5. My personal new favorite...we are the new and improved payphone.

Example: Like most public places, a courtesy phone can often be found. With that said, and with street smart people around, they come in asking to use the phone. Of course, they use it and I eavesdrop. A recent conversation took place between a mother and someone I'm assuming is her grown child. "Ok dear, so Olive Garden at noon? Definetly. I can do that. Mm...their new shrimp dish looks fabulous."

6. Free Finance for Beginners 101 classes.

Example. I offer a terrific product to a member not long ago and throw in the ever-so-comforting "AND it will still be insured up to the $250,000.00!" She then brushes her hand towards me and says, "Oh I don't care about that. I'm already insured through State Farm." Blink blink. Ok.

I hope everyone can pull through this economy and successfully! Best of luck to everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here I Come!

I am so excited! Today I made it official that I will be going to Guatemala May 23rd through May 31st!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nielsen's Crew Reunion

About two weeks ago I receive this Facebook Event invite things I always get. Usually I click "Maybe" to make people happy but never go, but this one captured my attention immediately. It is for a "Nielsen's Crew Reunion." Now, I absolutely loved my time at Nielsen's, I really did. It was the best job I could have had in high school and I made so many friends there, but I immediately wanted to take my cursor thing and click "NO!" for once. I have nothing against seeing my old friends, but I am not one to enjoy any type of reunion. I guess I figure once that lifetime has come and gone, I don't want to re-live any of it. I was interested in seeing a select few of those old co-workers, but still wasn't fully into it yet, so I clicked the infamous "Maybe" button.

Well February 7th rolls around and I am feeling guilty for not giving a solid RSVP (I did get a few threatening emails too..) and I even tried to avoid having to go by seeing a double movie with Mariah that day. We went to three different theaters to see if a movie would cover the time I'd have to go but none did! A movie theater! Anyways, so I dropped Mariah off and text my friend Krista (one of the few I wanted to see) and I'm not kidding, TWO minutes later she and her husband are in my drive-way to pick me up. I had told them I didn't want to go, but I had no choice now. I was heading to Nielsen's!

We get there and I was surprised at who showed up! Everyone that could come, did (Mal! I missed you there!!!!!) and it was nice seeing everyone from SEVEN years ago when I first started working there. I was still distant and out of my comfort zone as I am a completely different person (as we all are), but still made it a point to have a good time. We ate at Nielsen's and visited for a couple of hours while people came and went. Finally at about nine, the ten of us or so left, decided to go back to Krista and Brooklyn's house for a movie. I won't expand, but those of you who know me well, know that I have "history" with a few of them and I wanted to act casual and confident...I'd made it pretty gracefully throughout the night until we had to go downstairs for the movie. I felt proud of myself for holding myself together as the more mature, refined woman I am. I am not kidding, I take ONE step down and biff it. Six steps later and my vision returning I realize I had been in the front of everyone when I fell down the stairs. After an awkward short silence, Tad pipes in simply stating, "Sammi, you haven't changed a bit." The ice was officially and finally broken.

The rest of the night went fine. The boys still instisted on sitting "boy girl boy girl" on the couch so we stuffed seven people on the couch to watch Wall E and I spent the rest of my evening smashed between Tad and Zach eating the infamous Dots and Junior Mints.

In hind sight, I'm really glad I went to catch up. I saw a few people there I only worked with for one year when I was fifteen so it was really good to see them. We all seem to be the same friends we've always been and it sorta felt like we all picked up from where we left off.

NFC&D scoopies forever I guess!