Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen Elder Wright!

Today Casey left for his mission to Munich Germany/Austria! I was privileged to be the only sibling who went to the MTC with my parents. It was a beautiful experience, one that Casey desperately needed today. He couldn't have started his mission in a more spiritual and accepting way. Hats off to the volunteers, missionaries, workers, etc there who make it a smooth transition and a positive experience for the missionaries and families.

Casey is a remarkable kid! I couldn't be more proud of my baby brother!! He has been one of my best friends and confidantes in my life and I am so blessed to have him as my closest sibling and friend. We have been through a lot together, and a part of me feels like I've left! I already have a huge hole in my heart and I will miss him so much. He is more than well prepared to serve the Lord and the people of Germany and Austria. He is dedicated and excited to fulfill his dream and spread the Gospel. I'm grateful to his testimony that he has born to me both in Spirit, actions and words that thy Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Heavenly Father loves us and wants nothing but the best for us. I'm so proud of Casey and the example he is and the brother he's always been.

Best of luck!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Intro continuation... 50 Things About Me

Again, a stolen idea. But hey, in my defense, I'm new to this "blogging" stuff! Here are some random, possibly unknown facts about Moi:

1) I think olives and mushrooms are the grossest things ever. Period.
2) I love thunderstorms and I think I'm backwards..the sun depresses me.
3) Ironically to number 2, I love to tan. Haha. Guilty pleasure, I know.
4) I LOVE to be stressed and overwhelmed. I may be a witch during it, but I enjoy it!
5) I'm obsessed with wanting to travel to not-so-common places!
6) I'm deathly afraid of vomiting. Truth.
7) I have a mysterious talent of flooding every toilet I use as a "guest."
8) I fight the urge to play in mud more often than not..
9) I actually kinda like the smell of mildew..yeah I know
10) My dream pet would actually be a chameleon.
11) I prefer mountain life over beach anyday.
12) I hate snow and being cold.
13) A car I've always wanted wouldn't be a Mercedez or BMW or even a Lamborghini, oh no, but a Dodge Sprinter! Imagine pimpin' that baby out!
14) Google is my number one visited website multiple times daily.
15) I would love to travel space someday, if I could get over the shooting at a million miles an hour towards outer nothingness.
16) I crack myself up. Sad, but true.
17) My mom is the only person who can truly embarrass me.
18) I do a GREAT impression of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.
19) I don't know how to flirt.
20) I secretly still enjoy teen films :) They make me laugh
21) I have peed my pants twice - both over the age of 15.
22) I have stapled my finger at work. No bueno.
23) I am a daddy's girl.
24) I still love sitting in front of fans and making my voice sound funny.
25) Ross is my ONLY weakness for shopping.
26) Shoes are my passion!
27) I can type extremely of my few, raw talents..
28) My mind is a Spell Check. Bad spelling bothers me a little.
29) My two favorite cities in the world are Qingdao and Park City.
30) I love hot water. The hotter on my skin, the better.
31) I have never had stitches
32) Never been on the Collossus at Lagoon. No desire. And NO Wicked! I'm a chicken alright?!
33) Rockband and Guitar Hero are the best games around.
34) I love country music
35) I wanna be a cowgirl
36) I am almost 22 and still don't know exaclty what I want to do when I grow up. Only ideas.
37) I dream of being an author and motivational speaker on Oprah.
38) Judge Judy is a secret favorite TV show. So is the Cosby Show!
39) SnoCones are incredible!
40) I am fascinated with WWII and the history behind it all.
41) I enjoy culture shock
42) I have my own 'Bucket List' already.
43) I actually really enjoy what I do for my, money, tellering, IRA's, etc. I pretend I don't but I actually do!
44) I'm a game show freak and desperatly want to win Deal or No Deal.
45) I'm addicted to FRIENDS and wish my life were like that sometimes.
46) The dream of being a soccer mom is big for me..with 12 little ones!
47) I love hicks/red-necks
48) I find humor in places I probably shouldn't. Everything is funny to me..
49) I'm more attracted to hilarious, weird guys like Rainn Wilson than I am the Gerard Butlers. Don't get me wrong, Gerard Butler's are almost perfect, but can they make me laugh like the "Naked Drummer"?
50) I LOVE filling out surveys.