Sunday, December 26, 2010


This Christmas was good. Special, in fact. I don't know what made it more special than other years, or if it just gets more special the older I get. This year, unlike last year, we had everyone there. It was fantastic.

This was my first year out on my own so starting a new tradition for myself was interesting. I made sure to keep my heritage in mind and made sure St. Nick came for my roommates earlier this month. In return, KayCee made sure Santa returned and I got to experience having a stocking for the first time in my life! We just did friend presents this year and nothing more or less but that was fun. I tried making it a point to wait until at least Christmas Eve to open presents (which I did just fine...) but some couldn't wait and opened theirs days ago.

Since Christmas Eve fell on a Friday this year, the Credit Union closed for the weekend, which was a nice change! I enjoyed my Christmas Eve morning by sleeping in and lounging the day away. Then it was time to meet up with my family for our traditional Christmas dinner at the Sizzler. We've been going there for as long as I can remember, and I think I love it more and more each year! It was great having Doug and Casey back this year along with my other siblings and the kiddos. After our delicious dinner, we headed back up to my parents' house for a traditional sing-a-long/story of the birth of Christ - complete with stick puppets for the grandkids. It's so great to have such a wide range of people participate and sing and the true meaning of Christmas was really there.

Time for gifts. Each year we, as siblings, draw names for Secret Santa. This year I got the Burkhards (my sister and her family). We had a $25 limit to spend. I decided to get them a "Family Night" gift complete with a movie, game, and treats. They seemed to like it! Casey, my cute returned-missionary brother drew my name this year. The kid has always been able to make me laugh and he didn't cease this year with my gift. I immediately knew it was going to be good when I saw my family whip out cameras for my reaction. I open my gift and there is a plush, leopard-pring Snuggie. But...nestled inside the Snuggie was a gift certificate. I turn it around and it says, "Gift Certificate for a Date with {guys name}, Love your Baby Brother." I about died. I was laughing uncontrollably and completely embarrassed. I joke to friends daily that "I need a man" and Casey delivered this year. Casey has a good friend a year older than me or so that he is having take me out - the guy even signed it (I'll post a picture a little later..maybe..).

After the sibling gifts, my parents gave theirs to us. This year they each gave us a TomTom GPS along with tickets to see Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engval, and Larry the Cable Guy this March. I was so excited I had goosebumps. I grew up listening to Jeff Foxworthy with my dad like they were nursery rhymes. I'm a big fan of the Blue Collar Comedy group. The grandkids got little kids' laptops and dolls/trucks from their Nana and Papa and we as kids gave my parents an overnight stay at some fancy place. It was great!

Because my sister and her family have moved to St. George earlier this year, they were able to spend the night at my parents' house as well. Santa caught on that they were up north this year and delivered to the kids and Doug's son, McKay (who also spent the night). Bright and early the whole family was up watching the kids in excitement over their new gifts from Santa. Kids sure make Christmas special. It was so much fun to see how elated they all were all morning. After presents, my sister, my mom, and I made breakfast and we relaxed, played games, dosed, and laughed the early morning away. The Burkhards had to leave around noon to go to Dan's family's house and Chad and Kendra were at the McAlister's that day. My parents, Doug, Casey and I lounged a while longer, watched Jurassic Park, then finally got ready. We headed down to the Gateway and saw "Unstoppable." Definitely a good movie!! By that point, we were all partied out and called it a night. I headed home to enjoy the rest of the evening in peace and quiet (lots of kids = lots and lots and lots of noise!).

I hope your Christmases were just as merry as mine! Here's to the new year coming and goals on improving!