Sunday, June 27, 2010


My grandma Roma is up in heaven laughing at me. I can feel it. She was once a shoe collector herself and warned me in her dying days that "your feet'll turn out like mine and fall off." She adored heels. I adore heels. But this weekend, I wanted to take my PRECIOUS, new, flirty heels and hit me in the head with them. Hard.

I was beyond stupid this weekend.

You would think I would have learned my lesson already from this experience last year.

No, no. No.

Friday night Lidia and I headed out to Target to do some shopping and browsing. I found a few cute shirts, and left happy. We then hit Ross. Love that store. And I found a darling pair of heels. I just couldn't leave the store without them!

Saturday rolls around and I decide to wear my new shoes and new shirt to an activity Lidia and I had signed up for a couple weeks ago {we tried getting KayCee to go, but she's been sick this weekend}. Our ward was heading to the Manti Miracle Pageant. I hadn't been since I was really young and Lidia hadn't experienced it yet. I didn't think it'd be a big deal to wear heels to the day activity since we'd be sitting to watch the program. I was a bit embarrassed to see I was the only one wearing heels though..

We left around 3 on our buses and headed down south for the long drive. When we finally approached Manti, our buses turned and parked a good block or two away from the area. No biggie, we'd walk. We get off the bus and start walking, but since they were new heels I didn't wanna fall behind and walk slow, so I slipped off my heels. I grew up going barefoot. I prefer it. Asphalt, dirt, grass...doesn't bother me. So I walked on the streets with my group for a minute before realizing the asphalt must've been 410 degrees {afterall, the temp outside was close to 100}. I kept walking. I got to a crosswalk and couldn't handle the burning and smell of burning flesh anymore and finally put my heels back on. I took two steps and could feel my skin sliding against the heel. I knew then, at 5 pm, that my night was shot. We spent a good hour on the grass waiting in line for good seats and I stood barefoot in every ounce of shade I could find to relieve the stinging burn. I dreaded walking across the street let alone anywhere else. Against my avail, we were to have dinner at the Manti Tabernacle. Five blocks away. Lidia and I didn't have lunch so we were starving by then. I knew we'd have to walk, so I begged her to use her iPhone and order pizza. I'd leave a generous tip. Somehow, I agreed to go with her to the dinner {afterall, I didn't want to ruin this experience for her because of my lack o'knowledge}. It hurt worse to have the heels on my feet than to walk barefoot, so I limped and waddled the entire city of Manti barefoot yesterday. Again, on the hot ground. I was shaking and sweating so bad by the time we had reached the tabernacle. Lidia was so kind to let me borrow her shoes for the last block or so while she went barefoot and burned her foot, too. I told her I felt blood might be getting in her shoe and that was the last second I had them on my feet.

Anyways, I, by some miracle, made it back to the temple grounds alive {with the help of some new friends willing to give piggy backs for 4 steps before we fell over laughing hysterically} and had a lot of fun with new friends, dares {I had to pour a whole pouch of blue Fun Dip in my mouth all at once - and inevitably spent the night with a blue/green face}, laughter, and the wonderful Pageant. The highlight was finally talking to and meeting my ward crush for the first time. He is SO cute, but SO out of my league. A girl can day dream though, right? The pageant ended sometime after 11 and we didn't make it back to Sandy until close to 2 a.m. By then my feet had hardened, blistered and road burned so much I walked on the sides of my feet into the house.

Oh, and happier updates/notes: I DID buy a pair of flats that same night too, ironically. And I feel some changes in the air coming soon!



Kim said...

Wow Sam! I'm glad you enjoyed the pageant, as much as you could. Dave is working on getting me into heels, but just every so often. :0) I want to hear more about the ward crush. No one can be out of your league. (Easier said than believed I know.) You are awesome and I hope you're feet are doing better!

wearethehessfamily said...

That is hilarious! But I'm sure you looked fabulous!