Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy E

Back in August, my cousin Eric passed away suddenly. I hate to admit, but we weren't as close as I am to some other cousins, but I looked up to him and loved him the same.

Not a day has gone by since his death that I haven't thought about Eric.

Eric and I are only a month apart, so we grew up going through the same things, but ultimately changed paths the older we got. He made a name for himself and lived life fully. He has completely changed my outlook on life. When I went to his funeral, I was stunned at how amazing his funeral was. Seriously, I had never felt a more powerful, wonderful, and beautiful love and admiration for someone than I did during those two hours. I listened to the many kind things people said about him and the wonderful things he did and the life he lived. He chose to be happy and accomplished just about every dream he put his mind to. He was successful, funny, talented, well-rounded, and terrific. I made a conscious decision then and there that I would strive to be as happy and successful as he was. (you can read his obituary/life story HERE)

I want to feel as happy about life and accomplishments as Eric did. I want my happines to radiate and touch others like his did. I don't ever want to take my life for granted. I want to finish school (which I've already started again), I want to see the world (more of it), I want to be educated, charitable, civil, polite, sympathetic, religious, and successful.

On that note, I'm adapting a new theme song. This song was used (among others) for a medley composed for Eric by Kurt Bestor.

Feelin' Groovy

I re-dedicate myself to living life! Here's to you, Easy E, and for the influence you've had on me. Until we meet again!



LisaL said...

What a nice tribute to your cousin. You have accomplished much too Sammi. You really have!