Monday, November 1, 2010

So, how've you been?

It's been too long. I've thought about blogging for over a month now but the longer I put it off, the more things I need to blog about and the more I don't want to spend time blogging. Vicious cycle.

I turned 24 last week.

I am ancient. At least that's how I feel. It is so crazy to think how fast time flies and how much and how little things have changed and gone on in my life. This time last year everything was changing and happening and I could barely keep up. This year has been low-key. With that being said..I have decided to change that in my 24th (technically 25th) year of life. It's more like my New Year's Resolution, I guess. I promise my 24th will be awesome. I don't know how yet, but I've got some ideas and hopes brewing upstairs. We'll see..

As for life otherwise, I'm still figuring out where my feet belong on earth. I've gotten past the frustration part to now where it's funny. I am so not who I thought I was or who I was going to be at my age and I'm good with it. I laugh often. I play often. I think that's pretty good. It makes it easier to decide what fun thing is next.

I have a good job and work with some of the greatest people. I'm extremely grateful I'm where I am. I didn't know why it felt right to transfer when I did, but I now know. I'm impressed I've been able to make it on my own so far. I'm sure my parents didn't think I'd last :) but I have. It's been hard to give up traveling on a whim and shopping, but it's been so much fun living with my roommates. They are my best friends. My sisters. I have a place of my own and I love it. I'm happy. I choose to be happy.

Not much of an update, but I hope to be a bit more proactive and keep things updated more often.