Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Yay! I love Halloween!! This year, since our branch have been duds the last few years at this, we have decided to go out and be something outrageous. We decided we should all be a Redneck/Hick family. I, fortunately, got to play the part of Ronald McMillan and Shelley was my wife LaFawnda with the rest of the staff as our children. More pics to come later!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happiness Begins with Me!

I have had this thought on my mind a lot the last few weeks. I had to post a few thoughts about it. I have wondered if I'm happy and what makes me happy. What actually defines ones happiness? I was grateful to go to Women's Conference this past weekend. It was beautiful and uplifting! I especially enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf's talk. What a happy man he is! The things he talked about really made me think that I am special woman and I deserve to be happy! So, with much thought to this, I realized that much of our happiness depends on our mood and attitude, not our circumstances. I realized that true happiness is how I view life and what I see as joyful, not things or situations that come. So, with that said, here is a list (yet another one!) of some simple things I have learned to take joy in and realize I am happy!

  • Being healthy is really important to feel mentally happy, so I have really taken a liking to walking at night with my iPod blasting and staring at the sky.
  • Laughing at simple mistakes and trials! Life throws twists and turns...go with the flow and it's a fun ride!
  • Knowing you always have something to work on to continue being happy.
  • Being righteous.
  • Continue finding ways to become even closer to the Lord and our Savior
  • Being a citizen of the United States with a right to vote! I have a say!
  • Meeting a veteran of the military. I was privileged to meet Gordon Ewell (Google him!) the other day and I felt very humbled and fortunate that I have people like him serving our country!
  • Having a difficult calling and working hard to fulfill it and actually accomplishing it!
  • Being privileged to see baptisms each month as these young kids make a huge step in life. They have the most amazing, simple testimonies.
  • Primary programs! I feel the spirit so strongly at those! No wonder God asks us to become like little children. They are so happy and grateful!
  • My family of course. I have been so lucky to be blessed with such a great family!
  • My friends. Each one of you who reads this, you have impacted my life enormously! I have such special friends!
  • Strangers I meet at the Credit Union...I met a family with 6 Autistic children( who have such a beautiful view on life. Thank you Kirtons for showing me how life can be despite the challenges.
  • Being a good example to try to impact peoples lives for the better.
  • Being in Church.
  • Expanding your horizons by placing yourself in difficult situations and taking every good opportunity you can.
  • Accomplishing goals.
  • Diversifying your life.
  • Traveling and experiencing culture shock!
  • Recognizing that you have control over your life and happiness!